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E-Governance System

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Technology, Digital Solutions Makes Government An E-Governance System

Empowering IT Solutions & Software for Governments. Always be in the public eye of your citizens with end-to-end online solutions like websites, apps, and software services to serve citizens well with the concept of modern digital govt.

Today nothing is possible without the internet. Not even the generation of electricity bills! Times are gone when the bills were delivered from speed posts, and the payment was in cash.

Now, we have records management software, e-bill generators, mailing systems, online payment facilities, etc. enhancing citizens’ lives while keeping your government transparent, satisfying democracy.

Several government agencies in the past chose Orbit IT Limited as their e-government software solution providers in Bangladesh. We are introducing new ways to modernize government services and modes of communication to citizens from the last 10+ years for a better civic experience.

Technology empowers your services towards the citizens! Orbit IT’s job is to streamline and integrate technologies by implementing the best IT project development services for the government.

“With our e-governance services, we focus more on assisting government interactions with citizens (G2C), businesses (G2B), and employees (G2B).”

E-Government & Our Services For Your Citizens

Orbit IT Limited is our service-centric approach where we automate the latest technological trends, receive information, and solve all government problems by implementing WASP, which is Websites, Apps, Softwares, and other online Processes.

The government work is harder, and citizens’ expectations are on the rise. Orbit IT Limited tackle governments’ most significant challenges, i.e., fulfilling citizen expectations, broadcasting easy methods at lower costs, driving more citizens into government processes, and increasing the country’s productivity with a better internal robust network. Being the best government IT projects services provider in Bangladesh; we provide highly secured and versatile online solutions in great infrastructure. Everything works on real-time analytics, improved technological capabilities, and better operational efficiency.

“Implanting digital smartness in governance is called e-governance!”

We are empanelled with many government agencies because we provide the best e-government solutions in Bangladesh and other world governments. We are the premier provider of government software that focuses on giving the best civic engaging platforms to people irrespective of the device, operating system, and technology.

Technologies Empowering Government Software & IT Solutions

The smart use of technology in state and local governments will increase e-governance, digitalization, usage of software solutions, and increase the nation’s overall productivity.

We are the leading e-governance software solutions developer in digital Bangladesh, which uses the following technology and their tech stacks.

Microsoft Dynamics & Technologies

Website Development Frameworks

Application Development Platforms

Healthcare Automation Facilities

Artificial Intelligence & Automation

GovRecords & Data Management

Cloud Computation - Data Storage

Education & e-Learning Solutions

The Internet Of Things (IoT)

Cybersecurity & Data Protection

Social Networking Services